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Print design is a specific form of graphic design that optimizes visual communication in order to convey a specific message to a target audience. Formats may include: postcards, brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, billboards, etc. 

what does the print design include?

  • Magazine and newspaper layout
  • Book design
  • Catalogs and print adds
  • Greeting cards
  • Packaging design
  • Textile design and appeal print
  • Business cards
  • And more...

WHAT can you expect from me

I will design your desired product and suggest the best printing company for your needs.

Here are some examples of the print design I have done.


Overheard Cams



To redesign Alfa Romeo Club's magazine by keeping some of the previous design elements.  


I created an European looking car magazine design that is representing the sleek spirit of the Alfa Romeo car. 


After looking at Borislava’s website, viewing some of her client’s websites, and discussing with her what could be done to clean up our car club’s magazine, I knew she would do a great job. And she did! She produced a simpler, consistent design, while keeping the the spirit of the previous design. I am thrilled with the new layout.
— Bob Goldberg


Visit California



To create a trifold brochure for a California Birdwatching event.


Using my own photos and illustrations, I created a brochure that is visually balanced, informative and easy to read.

Stop gmo Corn



The design of this poster was inspired by the documentary, Food Inc. I decided to create it in surrealistic, double meaning art style with simple, clean and illustrative approach.


My concept was to make a bold visual statement and create an image to represent the core subject in the documentary; the negative global impact of genetically modified corn. 

discover europe



To design an open spread of a magazine article that is clearly organized, easy to scan, looks engaging and feels unified.


Using my own pictures I made the page spread organized but still somewhat spontaneous and open.