You deserve to shine

Develop a look that defines you! Create a clear image of  YOU and your brand in your customer's minds. 

Why Fashion and styling are so important?

People spend thousands of dollars purchasing clothes and creating a wardrobe in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, much the time and money invested gets wasted if they don't have a clear vision of their Personal Brand

Giving the right impression to the right people is one of the main keys to success!

how I help you with your image and professional brand?

  • I assess your closet: Analyze each peace of clothing, shoes and accessories you own.
  • Pick out which pieces to donate and or sell and which pieces to keep.
  • Determine your personal color palette based on your skin, eyes and hair color.
  • Examine if the remaining pieces represent your Personal Brand.
  • Reinvent and refresh the combination and look of your old pieces.
  • Shop with you in person and/or online to help you pick the right items and incorporate them into your wardrobe. 
  • Shape your Brand with clothing and accessories for your everyday life, for your work, for editorial features and advertisements, vlogs, concerts, music videos, films and TV shows.
  • Teach you how to maximize your best physical features so you feel confident and empowered.
  • Dressing fabulous has never been easier!

To maintain the privacy of my clients, I do not include examples of my image consulting.